Middaughs2Pastor Jerad is a life long member of our family here at Southlawn. Following His father of 22 years, He has been the senior Pastor of Southlawn since December of 2000. Our Pastor is a third generation minister of his family. After serving as our Youth Pastor for 4 years, he moved to Shamrock, Texas to assume the Sr. Pastorate at First Assembly of God. After Pastoring there for 2 years, God led him back home to further his ministry and to work together with the leadership of our church, in order to fulfill the ministry God calls the church to. He is married to Felecia, and has four children who are all a vital part of the Pastoral ministry. Felecia attended Southwestern Assemblies of God College, and returned home to wed Jerad in the spring of 1996. Since his time of arrival of Sr. Pastor, our church has not only begun to develop physically, but more importantly it has developed spiritually. Pastor has a sensitive heart to the spirit of the Lord as well a keen sense of following the leading of the Holy Spirit. We want to invite you to come and be apart of the exciting ministry that is growing daily at Southlawn Assembly of God.